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As Kate would say, "Hey!" Thanks for coming to the site to see what we're about.

What we do is really different. We feel we have managed to solve a long-standing problem of Data Governance. 

Check out the video on
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it in a nutshell.

You know what? It doesn't matter that much.


Sure, it is exciting for us, and it made us a Gartner Cool Vendor (check neat the logo we get to use below the video). That is recognition. But we are only truly successful when helping real clients, like you and the company you work for. We are not selling Data Governance.

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Okay! Glad you're paying attention.

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Well, what we do is solve some specific problems that Data Governance should have been able (we should say "was meant") to solve in EVERY organization. Our innovative approach (the Gartner Cool Vendor part) is what allows us to do it.

Okay, so how does Prodago do that?

As you saw in the video, we translate policies, standards, and regulations into actual data operating practices that organizations need to put in place to "operationalize" them. 

What is amazing about that is:

it is a significant time-saver

it contains all the best practices, curated by data experts (that's us!)

once in place in an organization, these practices can be tracked for execution, to make sure that the policy, standard, or regulation is followed (the platform we built does that part)


Okay, we're about to tie it all together now....

Remember how we said we solve specific problems? We have created three Accelerators, which are CURATED collections of operating practices focused on CRITICAL PROBLEMS that organizations are trying to solve right now

The Accelerators

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Privacy Accelerator

Here, we have mapped GDPR to close to 250 operating practices in every area of data management. And these have much in common with CCPA, PIPEDA, HIPAA, or LGPD. With our accelerator, you will know the exact impact on your operations to comply with any additional Privacy regulation.

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Data Risk Accelerator

Think of a Chief Risk Officer that needs to incorporate data risks into his Enterprise Risk Management framework. We added Data Risk to our 1,200+ operating practices in all areas of data management. The CRO knows how his organization needs to change for any risk to be mitigated or responded to. 


AI Governance Accelerator

In matters of ethics, bias management, privacy, and model management, organizations need to ensure that the right processes are in place to avoid problems later on. This accelerator allows the CDO or CAO to ensure that the advanced analytics projects can be multiplicated in search of business value, while still trusting that data is used ethically and respects policies and laws.

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To wrap up (you read until here; that's really nice, thanks), Prodago offers software, professional services, and curated content (the accelerators). If you think there could be a fit for us to help in any way, or if you have a question, don't hesitate to contact us with the form.

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If you want a copy of the Data Governance Executive Guide, just ask!