Data Governance

Prodago focuses on operationalizing Data Governance. It does this by unifying all data management processes under one overarching framework.

By complementing existing Data Governance with Prodago's approach, we can track all data management processes' correct execution. We can measure them. At any moment, we can understand the operational implications of any new policy, guideline, or regulation.


We can be agile in generating the roadmap of which activities or tasks need to be put in place so that executives and Data Governance stakeholders are reassured that the policies are addressed on the ground, operationally.

Prodago is not just creating their own hype. Gartner has recognized it as a Cool Vendor, "pioneering operationalization of A.I. Governance."

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Who do we serve?

First, in general, we help all organizations that want to make data, analytics, and A.I. governance systematic and ensure they implement A.I. ethically and responsibly. 

Prodago is also very active with organizations in regulated sectors like banking, insurance, and financial services that need to comply with (1) specific regulations and (2) manage data risks. 

And finally, our approach has been recognized by Gartner as particularly useful for organizations developing A.I. models and looking to implement a framework that offers clear, actionable operating practices for Enterprise Data Governance and Data Risk Management. 


We strive to elevate Data Governance to a strategic advantage; this is more important than ever given the crucial role that data now plays in any organization.

The Accelerators

The OPERATING PRACTICE is the cornerstone of the approach that our methodology and our technology embody. But we actually created them for many Data Governance management areas, like privacy, data risk management and, of course, A.I.

Over 1500 operating practices curated


Contact us! We would love to have a conversation with you to see if there a fit for us to help you and your organization.

Glass Buildings

Privacy Accelerator

Here, we have mapped GDPR to close to 250 operating practices in every area of data management. And these have much in common with CCPA, PIPEDA, HIPAA, or LGPD. With our accelerator, you will know the exact impact on your operations to comply with any additional Privacy regulation.

Keyboard and Mouse

Data Risk Accelerator

Think of a Chief Risk Officer that needs to incorporate data risks into his Enterprise Risk Management framework. We added Data Risk to our 1,200+ operating practices in all areas of data management. The CRO knows how his organization needs to change for any risk to be mitigated or responded to. 


AI Governance Accelerator

In matters of ethics, bias management, privacy, and model management, organizations need to ensure that the right processes are in place to avoid problems later on. This accelerator allows the CDO or CAO to ensure that the advanced analytics projects can be multiplicated in search of business value, while still trusting that data is used ethically and respects policies and laws.